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dedicated to taking advantage of the
opportunities offered by hydrogen for
enabling the energy transition


Unique independent expertise

The opportunities offered by hydrogen and fuel cell technologies concern numerous components
of the energy system as a whole and lie mainly in:

Integration of renewable energy


in the context of the on-going
transformation of the energy market
(Power-to-H2, Power-to-gas, biogas)

Provision to the transport sector

of a clean, decarbonated, and readily
storable energy carrier (i.e. hydrogen
distribution and refueling stations for
fuel cell electric vehicles).

Distributed generation

of combined heat and power (by means
of stationary fuel cells).

Fields of support



  • Evaluation of the opportunities offered by
    hydrogen technologies with regards to
    strategic objectives, and identification of the
    conditions that need to be created for their materialization

  • Strategic road mapping and identification of
    critical choices


  • Evaluation of new technologies and
    development road maps

  • Formulation of questions requiring the
    engagement of R&D activities; steering of the


  • Design and development of demonstration

  • Assistance to contracting authority

Advancement of standards and 
policy framework

  • Identification of the needed/useful advances in
    the area of regulations and standards

  • Development of approaches and action plans
    for their achievement; steering and execution
    of the latter

H2Nova provides its expertise to industry players (operators, solution providers), investors,
local and regional authorities, public bodies involved with the energy transition, and research
bodies interested in taking advantage of these opportunities.

Skills and expertise


Frederic Barth provides unique expertise, know-how and perspective derived from 24
years of experience in the expansion or enhancement of industrial gas supply chains, in
particular that of Hydrogen, in positions combining operational and technological
development responsibilities, with the last 10 years dedicated to the development of
hydrogen as an energy carrier, with a specific focus in the last 5 years on international
standardization led in conjunction with collaborative research, as well as prominent
action in industry associations and advocacy in the European framework.

His field of expertise covers more specifically:

  • The role of hydrogen for the transformation of the energy system as a whole
  • Hydrogen technologies (in particular production, storage and distribution) and their implementation for the Energy Transition
  • The development of collaborative demonstration projects
  • International standardization in strategic support of innovation
  • Development and steering of collaborative research activities
  • Steering of “technology push” innovation, including industrialization 

Hydrogen, a key energy carrier for the energy transition

The energy transition, which aims to phase-out fossil energies through
their replacement by renewables, including in the transport sector, entails
a massive use of solar and wind power, that only the implementation of a
new energy carrier, hydrogen, can make possible
Indeed, hydrogen – in association with fuel cells – allows the feeding in
excellent conditions of energy to the transport sector, which as a result
becomes an adaptable outlet for renewable electricity from intermittent
sources, providing an unmatchable source of flexibility for maintaining the
balance of the electrical grid.

• Hydrogen production and distribution

• Energy transition

• Hydrogen technologies

• Fuel cells

• Power-to-gas

• Renewable energy 

• Innovation

• Demonstration projects

• Collaborative research

• Standardisation and advocacy

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